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"Everything is much better now and my parents commented on the improvement when they stayed a week. Life in our household is much improved. You have helped us to achieve a peaceful household and secure a happy future."  

Parent of two

"Rosalie helped us bring calm to our home. Her strategies are simple yet quickly effective"

Mother of two 

"Parenting is difficult and it is so easy to get into negative patterns. My husband and I have found Rosalie's sessions to be hugely valuable. When my second baby was born and my daughter regressed in her behaviour, I was despairing. Rosalie's methods were compassionate and made good sense and most importantly they worked and the tools we learnt from her continue to be a positive influence in our family life"  

L, Mother of two

"Having had a really good meeting with Rosalie we left with renewed determination and motivation for the journey ahead"

Father of 3 year old boy

"you know that old saying... "give a man a fish and he eats today, teach him to fish and he can eat for a lifetime"? Well, nearly 2 years ago Rosalie taught me to fish. Her advice was clear and simple and has proven useful not only in other situations with my child, but with my other child and in other relationships too. She didn't offer a magic over night solution, but ongoing principles to help us change our situation, and then adapt as our needs changed."  

R, Mother of two 

I wanted to say a big thank you for you help with S and her separation  anxiety. She has gone into school with a big smile on her face and an even bigger wave to me every day for the last 10 consecutive days! Thanks so much. Your help is invaluable.

Mother of two daughters, 3 & 8



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