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Having previously managed the London call centres' 24 hour helpline at Parentline Plus, the UK's largest parenting charity, Rosalie is also a senior consultant at Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting.  Building on her extensive experience as a counsellor, childrens' author and parent of four children, Rosalie offers various forms of counselling tailored to most needs:


Telephone and Skype consultations with first meeting usually face-to-face

Telephone / Skype Consultations
Talk & Walk Sessions

Scenic walks and fresh air provide an informal setting which parents find beneficial.  These can be individual or in small groups

Corporate Workplace Workshops & Webinars

Lunch time workshops  and evening webinars for parent employees as secure parents make better employees

These sessions take place in various locations in North London.

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Group Counselling

One-to-one sessions

Individual Counselling
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